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Local Transport Firm Invests in used Forklift trucks From Trident

Dewsbury based Logistics Company James Wilbys Invests in used Forklifts trucks.

The decision came in light of a fleet renewal program, this time the forklift trucks were to be changed. The company’s old Toyota forklift trucks had sadly had their day, some Forklift trucks were 24 years old with sky high running clock hours, that said it was a no-brainer to invest in the Toyota product again!

Wilbys will now see an ease in running costs giving the company an economical cost in return after this involvement, Trident was requested on negotiations to repaint the forklifts in the company’s new livery, a job well done by the Trident team to make the trucks looking showroom condition for the delivery date.

Furthermore another new addition to the forklift fleet will be added in the next coming weeks, with one more Toyota forklift with a slightly higher lift capacity for the unknown loads the transport company may face.

Trident Would like to thank James Wilbys for their continued business and wish every success in the future.

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