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Forklift Truck Tyres 

Replacement Tyres

We can arrange for replacement tyres for your forklift truck.

Trident Fork Trucks can offer a full range of solid tyres in a variety of sizes to suit all budgets and applications.

We offer 3 ranges of solid tyres

  • Budget
  • Mid – Range
  • Premium

If you are unsure on what tyre of forklift tyre is require, we can discuss with you your fork lift truck usage, application and environment to obtain the correct tyre for your needs.  

 Tyre Rims

Rims can become damaged and cracked over time. Fork Lift Truck Tyre’s cannot be fitted on to cracked or damaged rims. Trident Fork Trucks can arrange for these to be replaced.



If the tread on your forklift truck tyres have worn it may be that the tyres can be re-grooved.

Re-grooving can take place when the tyre is within tolerance and not too heavily worn. We can carry out the re-cutting of tyres customer premises.


On site fitting can take place to reduce down time of your fork lift truck. We will also carry out the disposal of your scrap tyres.

Call us to discuss your Tyre requirements on 01924 477555

Forklift Truck Tyres 

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