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Toyota forklift

West Yorkshire based Transport Firm changes LPG for Electric Fork lift trucks

Toyota forklift A New customer from Wakefield West Yorkshire has recently taken delivery of a 3 Electric Forklifts on hire from Trident.

After a short demonstration with the West Yorkshire company its came clear that electric was the way forward.

This Customer had trouble with the ever growing problem of the LPG gas clogging up the vaporizers on their old machines see our LPG news page for more detailed information

Due to a new monthly maintenance cost on old LPG forklift trucks and intern this was not budgeted for, in result the transport company has opted to take 3 electrics forklift on a hire from Trident

Trident first Provided a Demonstration for 2 weeks so the customer could scope the trucks out and do everything a LPG forklift could do.

Not only has the LPG issue and cost erased, it has also quietened the operations, reduced tyre wear, lowered the pollution and decreased fuel Price.

Are you thinking of changing your LPG forklift ? is your Gas Forklift no longer cost effective? would you like to change your company emissions starting with the forklift ?

Contact us For any Hire or sales enquirers.

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